mjgerstein photography

mjgerstein photography

Marvin Gerstein is an award-winning photographer, a Fellow of the Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography, and former Vice President of the Delaware Photographic Society. Most recently, his photographs have been published in the prestigious “Black and White” magazine.

He has a particular interest in capturing a moment of “ordinary life,” and communicating an emotion is a primary focus of his photography. His photographs strive to convey a mood or feeling in the viewer that represents a human condition. For most people, there occur times of loneliness, isolation, alienation, even desperation. While not beautiful on the surface, these moments too are part of the human experience, and are a part of his photography.
He tends not to try to explain or comment on his photographs, but allows them to speak for themselves since he believes that each person responds and reacts to any work of art in her/his unique way.

In addition, his images find beauty in both nature and urban life, celebrating the joy of natural settings, and images of urban life that have been scarred by the passage of time.

He takes great pleasure in discovering what his lens has revealed, and hopes that the viewer may also find pleasure in his images.

For further information, or to purchase photographs, contact Marvin Gerstein at ImagesByG@aol.com